When I was a young boy I used to go with my father, Jan de Lang, out into the wild. He taught me a lot about nature and more specific about birds. On our trips he carried his binoculars, but also his cameras and a load of other photographic equipment. Of course often too much for a hike. He learned me how to handle all these cameras and lenses. A passion was born. I will never forget the moments of excitement we shared when taking a shot that was hard to make.
It was only at university where I started realizing that I wanted to be a professional photographer. I knew this would be an uncertain future without shining perspectives. But I made my choice and started an education on professional photography.
My first assignment came while I was still studying photography. A construction company wanted images of a major project for a leaflet. Was I proud when I saw the leaflet with my pictures and the client telling me he was very happy with the result. I still can be truly happy seeing my own work in a beautiful publication.
Today I'm working as a free-lance photographer in assignment for both media and companies. Next to that I'm also making reports on my own account, following the path of my passion.